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229A3553I grew up on the Canadian Prairies near the South Saskatchewan River. Rolling hills surrounded our humble acreage. A shared 7 acres with my paternal Grandparents was a playground for my 3 sisters and me. Cousins just a 1/4 mile down the road, a white church in the middle of a small field, and a country store complete with a wood plank floor and candy counter.

The school closed before it was my turn to attend, otherwise it may have resembled the quiet village of Road to Avonlea in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novels. Complete with colourful neighbours and farmers!

But alas, it was not a movie set with scripted and edited scenes. Nowhere near perfect. (And I’m sure you and I have that in common).

We had a large vegetable garden growing up and making good compost was a must. From very young, my sisters and I took turns emptying the raw food scraps into a composter at the garden’s edge. It was designed and built by my dad and in the following years marketed at Trade Shows throughout Western Canada and the prairies.

He bought us white sweatshirts with “GREEN” written on the front in bright green letters. We wore them proudly and enjoyed teaching people about the benefits of composting and how amazing my dad’s tumbling style “compost makers” were.

Learning the stellar benefits of adding nutrients to the soil has kept me exploring nature. How nurturing one species feeds and protects another. What happens to the blossom affects the bee therefore changing the lifecycle of the bird. The reverse effect is also true. If there is a disruption with the bird it alters the bee and the beauty of the blossom.

I want to be part of the keeping of my community, country and planet a place to explore. A place to find our favourite spot and run to it often because beauty heals and nourishes.

My search for simplicity and living from the heart led me, my husband and our two sons to Atlantic Canada for a year long stay (you’ll find stories and blogs throughout these pages). Most often you will find me outdoors with the sun on my face and my eyes on the sky expectantly waiting to catch a glimpse of my favourite predator birds.

Developing a love of writing has awarded me the opportunity to have a couple of my poems published, and moved me to sharing my life wanderings here in my blog.

Years of excitedly researching healthy food and products for my family are now passionately overflowing into these pages. I have so much to tell you about, so come back often for new ideas, inspirations and support as we wander the road less travelled together.

Leaves and Love,

Cynthia Fehr


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