7 GREEN ‘Not-Just-For-School’ Fundraising Ideas

7 GREEN ‘Not-Just-For-School’ Fundraising Ideas



I can already hear your moans and groans as a new season of fundraising approaches. We’ve all done the same old chocolate almonds, cookie dough, spices and magazines.

Raffle tickets are good too (many worthy causes out there), but let’s face it… only 1-3 people actually take home the prize. I always want to win! Haha!


We’ve walked many blocks, door to door trying to earn money for school trips and presented crumpled info sheets and booklets on our relatives’ kitchen tables hoping to meet our minimum quota.


Or we “sell it all” to ourselves as parents to save the hassle of chasing down prospective supporters.


Truthfully it’s all for great causes. However we’ve come to a turning point where we want our dollars to count; for us and for the organization and not just purchase ‘more stuff.’ Am I right?


I think we could take it a step further and say we’d like our giving and spending to matter on a global level. This could mean a quality long lasting product and /or one that it kinder to the environment.


In our efforts to ‘save a little green’ we can together better support our families, communities and the environment in which we live.


In my search for earth friendly choices here is what made my list of Unique and Sustainable Fundraising Ideas.

  1. HYP Bags


A.K.A Help-Your-Planet Bags.


What a fabulous way to reduce the plastic in our homes and communities! Perfectly sized drawstring bags to handle the variety of fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store or market.


But wait…They also have mini bags for loose tea and larger ones for making homemade nut milk. (find my favourite recipe here)

I first found them in a market in New Brunswick Canada (where they are made). I don’t go to the grocery store without them!




  1. ENJO  

Pronounced EN-YO

These revolutionary fibres are a must in every home, school, office, daycare, senior care home, restaurant…ANYWHERE there are people!


Cleaning 6X better with just fibres and water, you will save HUGE dollars and get rid of harmful chemicals. Your space will be cleaner than ever!

Did I mention the awards this company has earned and the standards they’ve exceeded?

This is the ONLY cleaning system my family has used for the last 5 years and we are in LOVE! Read more about these awesome, wonderful fibres here.





  1. Ink Canada


Earning up to $4 for eligible ink cartridges and up to $300 for every cell phone this is definitely worth checking our for your next fundraiser. Better still, you can be the drop off centre having everyone come to you!

I like this one because there’s no selling involved, just collecting.





  1. Lovable Labels


The name says it all! A welcoming website that is so cheery and offers an incredible variety of personalized labels and stickers to get everyone excited to buy at your next fundraiser!

Of course you can label your shoes and clothes, but how about your books that you loan out or a love message that’s sure to be found by your recipient in their lunch or suitcase?

Organize your pantry, office or calendar or grab a gift card if you’re just not sure what to get your special someone.





  1. Snackpack Reusables


Based out of Calgary, Alberta, these designers have put their heart and soul into these bags. Using high quality materials, they make reusable snack bags that are durable, easy to clean and help create lunches that are healthy and smile worthy.

A truly affordable way to make litter-less lunches for young and old. Everyone will want them!





  1. TerraCycle


“You mean I can recycle that?”


These global leaders in recycling accept even your hard-to-recycle waste. Your home or organization collects the items, sends to Terracycle using their FREE shipping labels and earns rewards for you school or favourite not-for-profit. No landfill, no incinerator. The earth is happy!





  1. Make It Sow


Did you spend time in the garden as a kid or just love watching things grow? Maybe you have a green thumb or know someone who does.


A wonderfully flexible fundraising program that really gives back with abundance! From tiny seeds to an overflowing garden or flowerbed; they even have gift paper with embedded flower seeds.


A fun way to support health and sustainability!




I’d like to hear about your favourite eco-friendly fundraising ideas? Share in the comments!



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